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vivid dream

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Jun. 21st, 2009 | 08:43 pm
music: The Childcatcher - Patrick Wolf

 there was a man that people were trying to kill and he was in the same building as us. it was supposed to be a school but it was an endless skyscraper, at least 100 stories high if not a few hundred more, and about fifty or seventy windows wide. there was another one across from us that they were attacking from, setting fire to rooms and whatnot. i just remember destruction, and running, knowing i didn't have much time. at one point, i was taken into the future and watched the event happen. i watched some man be discovered by who was hunting him and freak out and begin to run, and he ran right off the end of the building because the hallway suddenly turned to empty space and openness, and i felt the weight of him fall. then this boy james was with me and we found out who had done the crime, and i just remember his name being eugene, and he was depressed from being fired i think from the school. the part i remember best is there was a class in the gym trying to hide, so they all put chairs on their backs and hunched over. i remember staring at them finding it clever and simultaneously knowing it was useless. the doors to the gym opened and we were made to bow by a teenage gang of muslim boys, pushing and shoving people around. two five or six year old muslim boys stood on either side of a row of people, playing clarinet furiously. they were told to stop, and one did so after being shoved forcefully down by either shoulder, but the other tried to keep playing. he was extremely scared and yet very distant, so they slapped the clarinet from his mouth and the reed fumbled down his shirt. he hurried to pick it up before he was made to sit as well. someone said "i've got the girl covered"; i was the girl. i felt a pistol shoved painfully into my left side, only to be accompanied by a second one even harder in my right side. i muttered a few ows and ouches and was made to sit on a chair, where i wrestled away from the pistols and sat willingly instead. the leader of the muslim boy gang wore a strange trumpeted collar, like a ballerina's skirt made of tent that hung framed around his face in a dank blue.  his arms swung like an unintelligent primate.

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