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god love grandparents

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Jun. 20th, 2009 | 11:10 pm

 i wrote my nana a note, thanking her for the nail polish she dropped off unexpectedly on tuesday. i also told her not to get me anything for prom because the vintage clutch she gave me was beautiful and meant more to me than anything she could possibly buy. she told my mum about the letter (i mailed it and everything) and told mum she cried when she read it. she came over to drive me to work yesterday, and told me she got me something, but no sarah, it's for graduation not prom, so there! when she came over earlier for a small visit and coffee, she brought her gift. it is this necklace, which matches the ring that i can always be found wearing: 

she didn't even know i owned that. how beautiful is this necklace? she keeps saying you can return it if you like, sarah. you can exchange it if it's not right. and i held both her hands and i said nana, why would i exchange it, it's perfect.
and i think she was going to cry then, too.

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